C4 explosion simulation

What is a hydrocode?

  • Hydrocodes are complex and large computer software for the simulation of highly nonlinear and dynamic continuum behavior.

  • These codes run on supercomputer systems to simulate highly non-linear, complex problems with very small-time scale dynamics consisting of powerful shock-related phenomena.

Underwater explosion simulation

Applications of Hydrocodes

Inertial confinement fusion, impact cratering, explosives, shield design, and underwater explosions are typical hydrocode applications.

Material interface shock interactions and interface instabilities are important phenomena that must be addressed accurately with hydrocodes.

Water-air shock tube simulation

Advantages of Our Solver

The most challenging problems, such as arising in the field of inertial confinement fusion research, consist of complex interface instabilities between materials with hugely different impedances. Current commercially available hydrocodes are not capable of managing such interface shock interactions. Our unique interface capturing method is able to accurately capture such interfaces in one control volume point providing physically accurate results.

  • Our mathematical and numerical methods with special algorithms can handle complex interface problems accurately and efficiently.

  • Real multi-material, discrete Godunov solver provides physically accurate results.

  • Unstructured and fully vectorized solver provides flexibility and higher performance.

  • Automatic material property calculations using Automatic Differentiation methods provide more performance and accuracy.

  • Novel and tested methods employed in parallel computation enable better scaling on all types of supercomputer systems.

Crypton bubble shock interaction